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The Oriental Beauty Tea SPA Treatment

A classic favorite of tourists and culture aficionados, Taiwan tea is internationally renowned for its quality and taste. Now, aside from a gustatory experience, guests may also bask in an all-sensory tea experience – the Oriental Beauty Tea Spa, in Taiwan’s famous Wellspring SPA, winner of World Spa Awards’ Best Taiwan Hotel Spa for 2016 and 2017.

The Oriental Beauty Tea name has an interesting origin: British merchants who visited Taiwan in the 15th century, presented this Taiwan-grown tea to Queen Victoria. The Queen was impressed with both the uniquely elegant taste and the beautiful look of the tea leaves dancing in her cup; she thus bestowed the name “Oriental Beauty” upon the tea. The tea terroir of Hsinchu is perfect from its altitude to its climate, creating a most suitable environment for the growth of the Oriental Beauty Tea leaves that are usually harvested around May or June. The Oriental Beauty Tea’s unique flavor, often likened to ripened fruit and honey, is the result from formosana insects, which feed on the tea leaves, inducing a special fermentation process. Also, the tea polyphenols are proven to relax body muscles and its tannic acid boasts cleansing properties.

The Oriental Beauty Tea Spa treatment begins with a sauna and tea footbath while allowing the dry tea incense to calm the nerves. Then, therapists use Oriental Beauty tea essential oil and herbal packs to conduct a body massage. The treatment also includes a tea moisturizing mask, eye mask and a complimentary facial eye massage. The finishing touch of the treatment is a relaxing tea bath, complete with a Wellspring specialty drink and Regent nusstorte snack.

Additional Oriental Beauty Tea SPA Treatment Information:

Oriental Beauty Tea Incense
30 minutes before the treatment begins, therapists will place the dry tea incense in the room, filling the space with an elegant aroma.

Oriental Beauty Tea Sauna
Guests change and step into the sauna room, allowing all pores to open and allowing the tea polyphenols and tannic acids to relax and tone.

Oriental Beauty Tea Foot Bath
After showering, guests bathe feet in Oriental Beauty Tea leaves accompanied with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients such as Cinnamon and Chinese Mugwort, while therapists conduct acupuncture style massage, which relieves tendons and muscles of tension.

Massage and Tea Eye Mask
Next, therapists use the Oriental Beauty Tea essential oil and herbal tea packs made from lemongrass, clove, lavender, and Oriental Beauty Tea to perform the back massage and then an eye massage with a heated tea eye mask.

Featuring the best Taiwan tea combined with Wellspring therapists’ massage techniques, the Oriental Beauty Tea Spa is the most highly anticipated Wellspring SPA experience of the year.

The Oriental Beauty Tea SPA Treatment: 105 minutes total / NT$4500
Subject to 10% service charge.

For more information or to reserve, please contact
Wellspring SPA (02)2522-8279
Address: 20F No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 ZhongShan N. Rd., Taipei

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