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Rediscover the Art of Prayer:
An Exploration of Taipei’s Famed Temples

Experience the hidden cultural gems and the serenity in Taipei with a guided tour offering insights into historical Taipei temples. The experience begins at the Regent lobby where special transportation will be arranged to bring you to Taipei’s three famous temples, all within a short commute. Visit the Hukuo Shrine, the Confucius temple and the Dalongdong Boan Temple – learn how locals pray to the gods, provide offerings and attend religious festivals and ceremonies in this tranquil oasis of harmony.

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Linji HuKuo Shrine

The Japanese-esque shrine is built during the Japanese Colonial period and thus serves as not only as a religious sanctuary, but also a historical witness for the city of Taipei.

Confucius Temple

Tour the Confucius temple and learn about the Confucianism philosophy, which impacted the entire course of the Chinese history and remains a societal pillar in any Chinese culture. Learn about the life of the most revered philosopher and his renowned teachings through the temple that is dedicated to honoring the sage.

Dalongdong Boan Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dalongdong Boan Temple is one of the most renowned Taoist and folk religion temples in the country. The main resident god is Baosheng Dadi, a historical figure revered for his medical skills. Enjoy the exquisitely colorful and the opulent architecture that honors mystic forces and harbors the wishes and blessings from visitors and believers.


  • NT$1,000 per person

Price includes Regent transportation, professional guide and bottled water

Additional Detail

  • Advance reservation is required
  • This experience is subject to availability. Regent Taipei reserves the right to modify, add or suspend the content or price of the experience at its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice, in an individual case or in general. Please confirm final details with our associates upon reservation, thank you.
  • Experience is offered in Chinese, English and Japanese
  • The experience duration is approximately 2 hours
  • The minimum number of persons for this session is 4
  • For enquiries and reservations, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com

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