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Tai Chi – Balancing the Mind, Body & Soul

Tai Chi is a common form of exercise and hobby popular in the Chinese culture that seamlessly fuses movement, martial arts and meditation. According to studies and research through a special methodology of breathing and movement, practitioners may improve the body’s balance, endurance, agility and even the immune system.. The word Tai Chi itself means the perfect complementary Yin and Yang; the essence of the practice surpasses exercise, and delves into the realm of philosophy.

In this Regent Academy experience, a Tai Chi teacher with more than 20 years of experience guide guests through a complete set of Tai Chi exercise, as guests learn the essence of the practice and may return to the daily bustle with a renewed mind, body and soul.

Stay with Regent and choose an experience from Regent Academy to enjoy a bespoke and unforgettable experience!

To reserve, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com



  • Free

Additional Detail

  • This experience is held every Thursday at 7am, the duration is approximately 1 hour; experience is offered in Chinese, English, Japanese
  • The minimum number of persons for this session is 3 and maximum is 8
  • Advance reservation is required, please reserve 3 days in advance
  • This experience is subject to availability. Regent Taipei reserves the right to modify, add or suspend the content or price of the experience at its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice, in an individual case or in general. Please confirm final details with our associates upon reservation, thank you.
  • For enquiries and reservations, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com

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