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The Fun of Shrimp Fishing:
Re-imagine an Authentic Local Pastime

Shrimp fishing has charmed locals and foreigners alike - for the local Taiwanese, this is a relaxing way to spend a weekend afternoon bonding with friends over beer and dining on their catch; to those new to this activity, this is a uniquely Taiwan experience- interactive, easy and engaging- that retains all the fun of fishing with the added benefits of a convenient urban location. This experience promises fun for all ages and a five-star version of an authentic local pastime uniquely available to Regent Academy participants.  

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To reserve, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com


Shrimp Fishing

Through this experience, guests will be accompanied by a Regent butler to the shrimp fishing location. Participants of the activity will be seated on luxury director chairs as they relaxingly learn the easy techniques to shrimp-fishing. The experience only requires beginner-friendly techniques and offers an opportunity to catch your own food and immediately dine in style.

Dine on Your Catch

Guests will then travel to the nearby Silks Palace and enjoy a private chef service, which will prepare the freshly caught prawns within a specially-designed seafood set menu.


  • NT$1,500 per person

(Price includes Regent transportation, director’s chair, Silks Palace set menu and butler service)

Additional Details

  • Advance reservation is required
  • This experience is subject to availability. Regent Taipei reserves the right to modify, add or suspend the content or price of the experience at its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice, in an individual case or in general. Please confirm final details with our associates upon reservation, thank you.
  • Experience is offered in Chinese, English, Japanese
  • The experience duration is approximately 3 hours
  • The minimum number of persons for this session is 2
  • For enquiries and reservations, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com

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