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Retrace Luc Besson’s Taipei Favorites:
An Exploration of Taiwan’s Oldest District Dadaocheng

The Hollywood Luc Besson Movie Lucy, starring Hollywood mega-star Scarlett Johansson as the enhanced super-power Lucy, opens at the Regent Taipei lobby, where Lucy meets her onscreen movie nemesis. After a brief introduction, guests will depart in hotel arranged transportation and begin the journey to one of the oldest and most photogenic neighborhoods in Taipei.

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Follow Lucy to the Yongle Fabric Market, an iconic traditional market in the Dadaocheng area. In the Hollywood box office hit, the scene where Lucy was captured and detained was filmed at the market’s top floor, which has since been renovated. However, observe similar views of wet market stalls and enthusiastic locals bargaining and the long queue for Chinese sticky rice, fabrics and various traditional delicacies.


In terms of its produce, Dihua Street market is famous among locals for its Chinese medicine shops, fabric stores and its bustling Chinese New Year market extravaganza before the lunar new year celebrations. Many of the Chinese medicine shops, which also serve as apothecaries for locals, are as old as the country itself, with the business being passed from generation to generation. With high quality produce and such rich heritage, Dihua Street market remains one of the best-kept secrets in Taipei.


  • NT$1,000 per person

(Price includes Regent transportation, professional guide and bottled water)

Additional detail

  • Advance reservation is required
  • This experience is subject to availability. Regent Taipei reserves the right to modify, add or suspend the content or price of the experience at its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice, in an individual case or in general. Please confirm final details with our associates upon reservation, thank you.
  • Experience is offered in Chinese, English, Japanese
  • The experience duration is approximately 2 hours
  • The minimum number of persons for this session is 4
  • For enquiries and reservations, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com

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