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Regent Academy

Regent Academy provides guests an opportunity to immerse in vibrant local experiences and the chance to enjoy the gems of Taipei with the best professionals and Regent-exclusive insider access. Unique experiences include private cooking session with Regent’s star chef, master class with National Palace Chinese culinary history expert, customized Parisian fragrance-making, Luc Besson favorite old Taipei location tour, Regent Taipei resident band recording studio duet or butler-accompanied shrimp fishing outing –a local Taiwanese pastime. Select from an array of exciting bespoke experiences!

Stay with Regent and choose an experience from Regent Academy to enjoy a bespoke and unforgettable experience!

To reserve, please contact concierge@regenttaiwan.com

The Analects Feast

Confucianism Teachings Dined Upon

Taipei Behind the Lens

A Photography Tour with Taiwan Clefs d’Or President Concierge

Chinese Traditions Well Served

Revisit the Centuries with our Imperial Treasure Feast

The Fun of Shrimp Fishing

Re-imagine an Authentic Local Pastime

The Allure of Scent

Recreate Your Signature Fragrance

Rediscover the Art of Prayer

An Exploration of Taipei’s Famed Temples

Rethinking Oriental Tea

Fine Tea Meets Michelin Gourmet

Retrace Luc Besson’s Taipei Favorites

An Exploration of Taiwan’s Oldest District Dadaocheng