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Vibrant Metropolis

Taiwan's charming capital is a modern and remarkably diverse metropolis, infused with Chinese, Japanese and Western influences that can be seen in its food, culture, arts and architecture. Experience a kaleidoscopic world of fascinating contrasts, where temples stand next to gleaming skyscrapers, highbrow boutiques vie with thronging night markets, and world-class restaurants co-exist alongside a lively street food scene. Travel just minutes beyond the city center though and you’ll find yourself transported to a tranquil oasis of hot springs, lush mountains and tea plantations.

Taipei, Taiwan
New Taiwan Dollar
Time Zone
GMT +8:00

Getting Around

Regent Taipei


For guests arriving by air, we can provide airport transfers to/from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (50 mins by car). 

If you are driving, take the Zhongshan Expressway to the Chongqing North Road interchange, turn left at Minzu East Road, continue straight ahead and turn right on Lin Sen North Road to reach the hotel.

During your stay, Taipei’s excellent MRT, bus, taxi and high-speed rail services make it easy to explore the city and further afield. Our hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of Zhongshan MRT station.  

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Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Heart of Taiwan’s creative pulse

Taipei’s primary center for creative arts and cultural activities, located in one of Taiwan's most well-preserved structures.

10 mins drive

Shilin Night Market

Eat & shop

One of the largest night markets in Taipei, well known for its wide variety of food and snacks, and a maze of local, traditional and international goods. 

10-15 mins drive

Museum of Contemporary Art

Modern art scene

Appreciate the unique combination of historical architecture and contemporary art. 

15 mins walk

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Art from around the world

Explore one of Taiwan’s most prominent art museums, hosting a wide variety of international and Taiwanese art.

10-15 mins drive


Film house

Catch a movie at this 88-seat art-house cinema, which screens a broad range of local and international art-house films, with six screenings a day.

5 mins walk

Xingtian Temple

Eco-minded practices

This most visited temple in northern Taiwan is unique in that the burning of incense and offerings is banned in the interests of environmental protection.  

10 mins drive

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Grand gesture

Taiwan's most prominent monument was erected in honor of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China.

15 mins drive

Taipei Confucius Temple

Enlightening experience

Honoring one of the greatest teachers and philosophers of all time, the temple reflects the devotion to simplicity.

15 mins drive

Taipei 101

Supertall skyscraper

At a height of 509 meters and 101 floors, this iconic tower was for several years the tallest building in the world. Enjoy 360-degree views from its indoor and outdoor observation decks. 

20 mins drive

National Palace Museum

Treasures through the centuries

Explore one of the world's largest and finest collections of Chinese art.

35 mins drive

Regent Galleria

Luxury brands

Look no further than the upscale boutiques of Regent Galleria to find an irresistible array of designer fashion and prestigious jewelry brands.

Booday Art & Crafts Shop & Café

Homegrown lifestyle brand

Best-selling items include tote bags, blouses, and organic cotton T-shirts with illustrations inspired by daily local life. 

10 mins walk

National Taiwan Museum

Oldest museum in Taiwan

Witness the many splendors of Taiwanese culture, geology, flora and fauna through fascinating exhibitions.

10 mins walk

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Cosmic fun

Have fun exploring constellations, observatories, space science and an 'outer space' adventure ride.

15 mins drive

Taipei Zoo

Asia’s largest zoo

Founded in 1914 and a leader in conservation, Taipei Zoo houses a great many exhibitions, including a Giant Panda House.

25 mins drive

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Creative hub

A platform for showcasing creativity and innovation, where you can catch artistic and cultural events and performances. 

15 mins drive

Da’an Forest Park


This 26-hectare lung of greenery in the city is a popular place to escape the bustle of the city, offering shaded trails for pedestrians and joggers.

15 mins drive

Dajia Riverside Park

Bike rides

This expansive park is encircled by a bike path several kilometers long. Hire a bike here and enjoy a ride!

15 mins drive

Hero image from Jack View & other images from Taiwan Tourism Bureau