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Refresh your palette with Strawberry Super Bowl

January and February marks the anticipated strawberry season; this year, Regent Taipei is using large, sweet and succulent Dahu strawberries to create the Strawberry Super Bowl, available until March 14th. Guests can enjoy strawberry-inspired delicacies, desserts and drinks; the menu is curated by Regent’s Chef Lin Xianwei. The Super Bowl is the name of the American National Football League’s annual championship game held in January to February; football fans and audiences alike gather to watch the beloved national event. Due to the similar launch time, we named our Strawberry menu and items after the athletic mega-event as a way to honor health and fitness. The menu dishes are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and other nutrients while maintaining a refreshing balance of tastes.

Five Strawberry comfort food dishes include Strawberry Poke Bowl, which features fragrant vinegar rice layered with edamame, fresh avocado, cucumbers, peppers, raw tuna, homemade dried strawberries, and topped with a sauce made of lightly salted soy sauce, wasa rice, Korean sesame paste, and honey. This is a non-greasy and healthy dish packed with a punch of spice. The Strawberry Duck Liver is made with toasted brioche with creamy Canadian Rougie duck liver, fried and then drizzled with balsamic vinegar, then finally finished off with strawberry sauce, completing this sweet yet rich and savory delicacy. The Strawberry Fried Chicken is made from crispy fried chicken nuggets paired with perfumed basil strawberries and deep-fried strawberries and strawberry sauce. The salad choices are Arabian influenced Strawberry Lawrence Salad featuring chickpea and mint flavor profile, and When Strawberry Meets Burrata, which combines in season strawberries with fresh burrata cheese. Each dish starts at NT$380.

Regent Taipei’s exciting dessert strawberry offerings this year includes Strawberries Oatmeal Yogurt, which features Greek yogurt and diced fresh strawberries, blueberries, orange pulp, walnuts, and almonds, completed with oatmeal cookie and a drizzle of honey- break the oatmeal cookie and mix it with the ingredients in the bowl for a complete experience. Strawberry Pudding has a French crepe bottom layer, stacked with homemade brioche and caramel pudding, paired with sauce made from strawberries, peppercorns and sugar, with a final dash of popping candy as a fun decoration. Strawberry Martini is inspired from the famous Portuguese rice bran pudding dessert, with homemade strawberry jam as base, with added whipped cream, biscuits and fresh strawberries. The desserts start at $300 NTD each.

Our special strawberry inspired beverages are Misty Strawberry Forest, fresh strawberry puree with basil apple juice, red pepper water, and soda water; when served, the bubble on top of the drink is popped to reveal an overflowing smoky fog. Green Strawberry Delight is made by mixing fresh strawberries with milk then added with a sprinkle of dried spinach and sweet potato powder. Mountain Strawberry combines dried rosemary, aboriginal spice, with frozen air-dried strawberries and soda water for the unique taste and fragrance. The drinks listed above are $280 NTD each.

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