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Manhattan Launches The American Whiskey Embassy


SINGAPORE, July 2017 – From rye to bourbon and moonshine, Manhattan invites guests to get acquainted with the world of American whiskies through its newly launched American Whiskey Embassy programme.

Putting a spotlight on the great whiskies from the United States of America, the bar team has scoured across the world to present a specially curated list of the American spirit, for the imbibing pleasure of serious whiskey drinkers and curious explorers. 

Thoughtfully and rigorously researched, the collection will feature over 150 bottles of whiskies, including a range of rare and collectible ones. All of which will be housed in the Whiskey Glasshouse, an elegant space within the Ingredients Room that displays bottles of the exquisite golden-caramel liquid; an arresting showstopper wall of only the finest, that are as visually enticing as they taste.

Approachable, oaky and generally laced with hints of vanilla sweetness, American whiskies can go from soft and smooth flavours, to complex and robust. In the glamorous yet modern space reminiscent of old New York, experience all facets of this exciting journey from grain to glass at Manhattan.


Sniffing out the whiskey trail around the world to deliver a selection that covers all aspects of American whiskies.

The Big Boys

The bulk of the collection that showcases “traditional” American whiskeys.
On the menu: Michter’s 10 Years ($45 per shot)

The Unicorns

The hard to find lot of whiskeys from craft distillers, most of which have gained cult status.
On the menu: Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 20 Years ($290 per shot)

The Independents

Featuring the most promising up-and-coming distilleries that are bottling their own. Supporting the talented, independent producers through the early years as they pave the way to a second Golden Age of well-made whiskies.
On the menu: Willett Family Estate Private Cask 20 Years ($190 per shot)

The Experimental Collection

The ones using experimental techniques, unusual mash bills and innovative finishes for the most unique pour.
On the menu: Pow-Wow Botanical ($45 per shot)

The Canadians

Known for their whiskey making traditions, this category will highlight high quality offerings from both major and independent producers in Canada.
On the menu: Wiser's 18 Years ($45 per shot)

DIY & Collaborations

From house barrel finishes and other collaborations such as private barrel selections, showcasing the many talents within, and around the world.
On the menu: High West Campfire ($22 per shot)

The Vintage Collection

Only featuring whiskies bottled before 20oos, this collection will be for the culture vultures who appreciate a little history.
On the menu: Old Oscar Pepper ($600 per shot)


Each and every bottle of whiskey that is brought in for the collection will embody quality, character and the provenance of the spirit.

Sip on the Sazerac 18 ($180 per shot), a delicate amber-chestnut liquid that belies its huge, spicy aroma. Very mature, with notes of oak, leather, and molasses. Alternatively, the Mount Vernon Rye ($290 per shot) is sure to pique interest, with it being the original bottle that was discontinued in the 1950s.

With a list of spirits stretching from 1800s to present, guests will be be able to enjoy other rare collectibles like the Pappy Van Winkle 23, which teases the palate with deep oaky flavours, or Old Overholt 1936, a straight rye American whiskey bottled in 1942, among others.

In addition, as part of a year-long collaboration, Manhattan will introduce its Celebrated House Pour programme where Manhattan will partner exclusively with one of the finest modern producers of American whiskies each year. Kick starting this initiative is the partnership with Michter’s Distillery, with Manhattan showcasing the house’s Michter’s US*1 Small Batch and Straight Rye.


So what happens after?

The American whiskey journey of exploration continues with a series of events, master classes and tasting sessions through the Manhattan American Whiskey Club, a community for whiskey lovers to connect with other like-minded aficionados. It will be a platform to share passion for the fine spirit through a series of events designed to further the understanding and appreciation of American whiskeys in Asia.

As a member of club, individuals will be privy to:

  • Invitations to tastings and master classes led by master distillers, brand ambassadors and industry experts from around the globe.
  • Learn the skills and techniques of cocktail-making at workshops led by Manhattan’s award-winning bar team.
  • Exclusive access to private tastings of rare and vintage whiskies from the Manhattan whiskey collection.
  • 10% off special events and exclusive invitation to private tastings from EC Proof, purveyors of fine home bar goods.

For more information on the programme or to sign up for the Manhattan American Whiskey Club, kindly call +65 6725 3377.

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Violet Hour: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
Sunday Cocktail Brunch: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Seating Capacity

60 guests (Main Salon and The Bar)
10 guests (Private Salon)
10 guests (The Library)
12 guests (Rockefeller Room)

Note: Manhattan’s house pour is 45ml per shot. Prices quoted above are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government taxes.


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