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Coastal Hotspot

Beyond the pleasures of a luxury maritime village and waterfront lifestyle, Porto Montenegro lies on Boka Bay, the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its picturesque shoreline of rugged mountains hugged by ancient hamlets and sandy beaches slipping into the Adriatic waters is absolutely breathtaking. Bathed in sunshine for much of the year, Montenegro’s coast enjoys typical Mediterranean weather: warm, balmy summers with temperatures reaching highs of over 30°C, and mild winters.

Porto Montenegro, Tivat
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Regent Porto Montenegro


For guests arriving by air, we can provide airport transfers by car to/from Tivat Airport (10 mins), Dubrovnik Airport (60 mins), and Podgorica Airport (90 mins).

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VR 360 video tour of Regent Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is located just off the Adriatic Highway. If you are driving, simply follow the coastline, enjoying the sensational views along the way. Then follow the directional signages to the Porto Montenegro once you reach Tivat.

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The marina is only a few nautical miles inland from the mouth of Boka Bay. If traveling by yacht, you can easily cruise the waters of the central Mediterranean region.

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Shopping in Porto Montenegro Village

Designer buys

Porto Montenegro excites fashionistas with the who’s who in international luxury brands and new sought-after designers, including the likes of Fendi, Tom Ford, Balenciaga and Moncler.  

Next to Regent Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

Exclusive nautical lifestyle

The Yacht Club welcomes our guests every day throughout summer. Relax on the cabanas around its 64-meter infinity pool, dine at PMYC Restaurant & Bar, and sip cocktails while basking in the ravishing views.

Additional charges may apply.

Next to Regent Porto Montenegro

Boka Bay

Breathtaking beauty

A long winding inlet 27 kilometers long, Boka Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, protected by high mountains and flourishing with Mediterranean vegetation.

15 mins by boat


Baroque town

This small, peaceful town near Kotor boasts a rich past and magnificent 17th and 18th century buildings, including sixteen Baroque palaces and seventeen Catholic churches.    

15 mins by boat

Kotor Old Town

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Explore the well-preserved medieval town of Kotor, criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares, and home to an enchanting mix of Baroque, Venetian and Austrian architecture.

15 mins by boat

Our Lady of the Rocks

Legendary islet

Located off the coast of Perast in Boka Bay, the islet was, according to legend, created rock by rock over centuries by local seamen after finding the icon of Madonna and Child on a rock in the sea. 

10 mins by boat

Sailing in Boka Bay

Idyllic day on the water

Set sail and explore the captivating scenery aboard your very own Tofinou 9.5, a classic sailing yacht ideal for beginners, yet challenging enough for more experienced sailors. 

Next to Regent Porto Montenegro

Ada Bojana Beach

Kitesurfing hotspot

Discover this most attractive stretch of beach on the Montenegrin coast and a hotspot for kitesurfing fans. The 12 sandy kilometers of nearby Velika Plaža (Big Beach) are also not to be missed.

3 hours by car

Scenic Road Trip

Njeguši – Lovćen - Cetinje

Travel along the slopes of Mount Lovćen to the picturesque mountain village of Njeguši, the magnificent Njegoš Mausoleum, and Cetinje, a treasure of Montenegrin history and culture.

1 hour by car

Skadar Lake National Park

Wild wonder

Skadar Lake is one of the most important reserves for wetland birds in Europe, where over 250 species nest. 

2 hours by car

Biogradska Gora National Park

Rare virgin forest

Nestled within the Bjelasica mountain range, this pretty national park spans 1600 hectares of virgin woodland.

2.5 hours by car


Adventure on the slopes

Located at the foot of Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains, surrounded by acres of dense pine forest, the town of Kolasin is the perfect base for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. 

2.5 hours by car

Ostrog Monastery

A pearl of spirituality

Carved incredibly into a vertical cliff face, the gleaming white Ostrog Monastery is the most important site in Montenegro for Orthodox Christians, attracting up to a million visitors annually. 

2.5 hours by car

Tara River & Canyon

River rafting

Slicing through the mountains at the northern edge of Durmitor National Park, the Tara River forms a canyon that is 1300m deep at its peak. River rafting is a great way to enjoy the incredible views.

2.5 hours by car

Durmitor National Park

Dramatic peaks

This mountainous region is a major ski resort in winter, and popular for hiking and rafting in summer.

2.5 hours by car