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Century-Old Japanese Tradition

Mizutaki Hot Pot Five Course Now Available at Regent Taipei
The Most Refreshing and Nutritious Choice for This Summer

TAIPEI, Taiwan [18 May 2017] – For the most refreshing yet nourishing gourmet menu this summer, do not miss the Japanese century-old hot pot tradition- Mizutaki hot pot. From now until June 30th, Regent Taipei’s Mihan Honke is offering the Mizutaki Hot Pot Five Course Set Menu, using the most premier Taiwanese free-range chicken, as its summer seasonal cuisine.=

The Mizutaki hot pot originated from the Fukuoka region of the island country in 1905, first created by a man who traveled to Hong Kong and lived with a British family. Combining the culinary methods of the Chinese chicken soup and the Western consommé, he created the first East-West fusion that would later become the Mizutaki hot pot, which spread quickly throughout Japan. In the set menu, enjoy the collagen rich soup, which is boiled from the chicken, kombu, sake, along with carrots, celery, seasonal vegetables and onions, for seven to eight hours.

The premier Taiwanese free-range chicken used is of the highest quality, the chicken have only consumed organic feed, and used in Taiwan’s national banquets which caters to Taiwan’s president, high-ranking officials and foreign diplomats. Other dishes in the Mitzutaki Hot Pot Five Course Set Menu feature chef’s specially-made grilled salt-dried chicken, grilled chicken wing with salt, Japanese-style fried chicken and chicken noodle soup.

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Mizutaki Hot Pot Five Course Set Menu (for 2) priced at $2,300NTD
All prices above are subject to 10% service charge; minimum of 2 persons
To reserve, please contact Mihan Honke (02)-2523-8000 Ext. 3750
Regent Taipei Address: No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 Zhongshan N. Rd