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2017 Regent Taipei Mooncake Sets To Impress

Mid-Autumn festival is one of the three most important annual festivals in the Chinese culture and lands on the 4th of October this year. Regent Taipei presents mooncake gift sets for guests including Drunken Moon with an elegant wooden box package, Moon Gaze with the exquisite Japanese Momoyama pastry crust, Custard Moon which features classic Cantonese buttery yolk custard pastries, Imperial Moon which packages Regent Taipei’s all-time favorite Pineapple Custard Pastry in emperor Qianlong’s imperial collection of ink-stones and Nusstorte*, Regent Taipei’s all new East-West fusion creation. This year, guests may also purchase our Regent Exclusive Mihan Yakiniku Set and Regent Champion Moon Festival Barbecue Set; both sets will be a wonderful addition to any moon festival barbeque get-together!

Those who are searching for classic flavors should consider the Moon Gaze and Drunken Moon sets which include six classic flavors including Lotus Egg Yolk, Date Paste with Walnuts, Braised Pork with Bean Paste, Longan Red Dates, Chestnut Custard and Sesame flavors. For carnivores who are more interested in the barbeque festivities during the holiday may consider the Regent Champion Moon Festival Barbecue Set which includes the Moon Gaze set, with additional chef selected premium American chuck-eye, boneless short ribs, pork shoulder, Matsusaka pork; all premium meats total at 1.3 kg and is complemented with Regent exclusive BBQ sauce and yuzu sea salt.

For those who are searching for a more innovative palate, try our all new East West creation - Nusstorte, inspired by the traditional Swiss pastry but completed with a local Taiwanese twist. Nusstortes, originating from Grisons, Switzerland, was a classic home-made favorite. In the 1930s, an Engadiner pastry chef presented nusstortes at the Basel Fair, thus the pastries became an instant hit and a regional representative dessert. Regent Taipei’s Nusstorte not only uses California walnuts, slow cooked caramel, but also uses tangy local pineapple filling, a nod to the world renowned Taiwanese pineapple tarts. The nusstorte set includes three crust flavors: cream, brown sugar and ginger, giving guests a new and exciting gustatory experience this Moon Festival!

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* All above gift sets will be sold until 9/30 at the Regent Gift Shop and on the Regent official website, pick-up available now.
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* Above discounts not applicable to the Mihan Yakiniku and Moon Festival Barbecue Set
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