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ANA in-flight meals: "Classic Imperial Feast"!

Regent Taipei and All Nippon Airways presents: Season 2 of Regent in-flight meals: “Classic Imperial Feast”!With Regent Championship Beef Noodle Soups in the ANA SUITE LOUNGE, Regent and ANA unite again to promote amazing food and cultural exchange.

Regent Taipei and All Nippon Airways (ANA) collaborated early this year to bring delicious Taiwanese cuisine on-air, and after the successful, popular first season of the “Regent Championship Beef Noodle Soup” menu, the second season of Regent in-flight menus will now be available in June! ANA business class passengers traveling from Taiwan to Tokyo may enjoy the “Classic Imperial Feast,” a sumptuous journey through Chinese culture. Through ANA as a global platform, Regent Taipei aims to share the best of Taiwan with all guests!

The all-new season 2 menu is designed and created by the Silks Palace, owned and managed by FIH Regent Group and located inside the National Palace Museum park area. Inspired by the various artifacts inside the museum, Silks Palace is known for recreating culinary masterpieces modeled after famous art works. The restaurant’s “Imperial Feast” menu is most renowned for its amazing “meat-shaped stone” and “jadeite cabbage,” two classic Chinese art sculptures rendered edible and supremely delicious. This season’s ANA in-flight cuisine includes those two dishes, as well as tender green asparagus shoots with salted eggs, peppered long green beans, fresh abalone with five-spice sauce, fresh scallops with scallions, egg white fried rice, kai-lan with five vegetables, and sweet crystal zongzi with red beans and mango pudding for dessert.

“The Imperial Feast is creative in that the menu requires the harmony and contrasts of modern-day techniques with near-ancient recipes and ides,” explains Chef Patrick Tsai, Executive Chinese Cuisine Chef at Regent Taipei. “Each dish necessitates very delicate handiwork. Making the jadeite cabbage dish involves cooking the baby cabbage in a ham and chicken broth, immediately setting and sculpting it, preparing the scallop sauce, and adding tiny sakura shrimp as decoration, echoing the katydid and locust on the real jade cabbage. The meat-shaped stone is a sculpted piece of Dongpao pork, a tender, flavorful ham hock marinated and braised with a custom soy sauce blend.”

The first in-flight menu this year from Regent Taipei was immensely popular, with passengers specially praising the Regent Championship Beef Noodle Soup. This season, Regent Taipei’s award-winning beef noodle soup masterpieces will be arriving at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE at Tokyo’s International (Haneda) Airport! From June 24th to July 31st, all ANA passengers flying first class and Diamond Card members may enjoy these representative Taiwanese dishes from the eighth annual Taipei International Beef Noodle Soup Festival! With more than 63 million unique travelers per year, Haneda Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the world. Regent Taipei is honored to participate in this amazing opportunity to share some of Taiwan’s best cuisine.

ANA is dedicated to provide the most authentic beef noodle soup experience—in April, the company sent two executive Japanese chefs to Regent Taipei to learn and prepare the beef noodle soups. From choosing the ingredients to the final garnishing, the ANA chefs closely studied and practiced the cooking process for recreating the champion beef noodle soups. Regent Taipei and ANA are proud to present the most authentic and delicious clear broth and braised broth beef noodle soups at home and abroad!

Mr. Kazunori Shima, the General Manager of ANA’s Taipei Office, states: “ANA provides the best airline software and hardware services, starting from check-in at the airport, to the airport lounge, on air, and upon landing. After our successful, popular in-flight menu collaboration with Regent Taipei, we are proud to offer Regent Taipei’s Championship Beef Noodle Soup at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE in Tokyo International Airport. We hope to share Taiwan’s classic, delicious tastes to guests all over the world, and we are looking forward to amaze everyone with June’s Regent in-flight menus.”

“Through ANA’s infinite reach, Taiwanese cuisine has rapidly gained global recognition,” notes Mr. Morton Johnston, General Manager of Regent Taipei. “The second season of Regent’s ANA in-flight cuisine ‘Classic Imperial Feast’ is rich with Taiwanese culture and its love for unique, delicious food. This collaboration allows us to also Regent’s Championship Beef Noodle Soup with many other loyal guests in the ANA SUITE LOUNGE, and we look forward to strengthen our relationship with Japanese industries. We aim to meet and exceed the expectations of all international travelers, and we hope that ANA guests at home and abroad may enjoy this taste of Taiwan.”

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